Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Google Online Marketing Challenge 2009

The Google Online Marketing Challenge is a global student online marketing competition developed by professors in collaboration with Google to provide students with practical online marketing experience.

This is the first time where the ASIAN INSTITUTE of MANAGEMENT has entered this competition. In this year's competition we are fielding 3 teams which is tasked to be online marketing consultants to a currently existing company who has a website and has not participated or used the google adwords service in their marketing campaign.
Each team is given a $200 Google Adwords budget to use for their respective partner companies and based on Google's scoring criteria they will select a global winner of the competition. The winning team, along with their professor, will journey into the heart of Google, the Googleplex which is located in Mountain View California.

*Regional winners will get to visit their local google office.
The 2008 Google Online Marketing Challenge saw around 1600 student teams from 47 countries.
Who will win this year's challenge?

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