Saturday, April 18, 2009

Meeting The Sexy Chefs

Meeting The Sexy Chefs

After getting an email from Rachel Alejandro telling us that they were very interested in working with us in the Google Online Marketing Challenge, we agreed to meet on a thursday at 3pm in one of the posh restaurants in Serendra at Fort Bonifacio

Some might say I deviously planned the meeting on a Thursday so that my other group mates could not meet Rachel and Barni Alejandro of the Sexy Chef Cafe. But it was really an unfortunate coincidence that they had Business Economics class that afternoon...honest (with devilish smile painted across my face).

So I went to Serendra to meet the Sexy Chefs and I was excited and nervous at the same time. If some people get butterflies in their stomach, I felt like I had a swarm of bees in mine. It's not everyday that a 'normal' person like myself get a chance to meet famous sibling tandem like Rachel and Barni. The only thing that me and my brother are famous for is our daily fight over the television's remote control but other than it's pretty ho-hum.

When I met the Sexy Chefs, I didn't know what to expect but I was pleasantly surprised. They were very nice and I can see from the way they answered my questions that they are really passionate about their business. I love seeing entrepreneurs talking about their business, their energy sometimes rubs off you.

So I explained to them the mechanics of the Google Online Marketing Challenge and they were really excited about the project because apparently they were also trying to figure out how to promote their business online.

I was very happy on the outcome of the meeting and was pleased to report to my team and our Professors that the Sexy Chef Cafe is now on board!

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