Saturday, April 18, 2009

Pitching GOMCHA to The Sexy Chef Cafe

Getting in Touch with Rachel Alejandro

Rachel Alejandro is one half of The Sexy Chef Cafe and I would think it might be difficult to get in touch with her directly since she might be busy with her career as a singer/entertainer. But I was wrong.

Our Google Marketing Challenge Team decided to contact and to request Rachel and Barni Alejandro (The Sexy Chef Cafe) to be our partner company who will participate in this global student competition. We felt that the project would be mutually beneficial since we will be able to understand and analyze how a small company can utilize Google Adwords to improve their business.

Filipinos love social networking sites like Multiply and a lot of us use these sites for entrepreneurial en devours. I was thinking that if we tried to contact them through the Sexy Chef multiply site then there would be a larger chance that she would be the one to personally read it compared to just sending an email through their company email address where a secretary might just disregard it.

So we sent her a message explaining the competition and that there was no obligation for the company to continue the Adwords campaign after the competition was over. We were like crossing our fingers waiting for a reply and luckily they said yes to the competition and are willing to meet to discuss the project more thoroughly.

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